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Tiera Tanner's ArtStart Academy, LLC is a weekly art workshop

for children in central West Virginia and beyond!

ArtStart Academy emphasizes imagination and creativity through the fundamentals of art. Each workshop will develop and expand the

child's art skills through process-based activities.

ArtStart Academy is an affordable, inclusive environment. Weekly online workshop sessions will cater to specific age ranges, provide supplies, and encourage creative exploration at home and school.

The inaugural semester of ArtStart Academy focuses on "Line," among other art fundamentals, to begin the development of your child's artistic skillset and knowledge. Registration for this semester begins July 1. Each course includes materials packet(s), live weekly virtual sessions, weekly instructional videos, and individual feedback. To register, please visit this site July 1 and scroll to the Registration Link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "process-based art"?

Process art focuses on the creation or 'process' of art-making as opposed to the final product. Exploring media, such as paint, paper, glue, and other materials, promotes sensory functions for young children. Older children benefit from the freedom of open-ended results by investigating and engaging with

materials and their imagination.

What are the fundamentals of art?

The fundamentals of art are the support or foundation of artistic creations. They include line, color, shape, form, value, texture, and space. ArtStart workshops emphasize the art fundamentals through each

carefully-structured activity, based on age level and/or skill set


Where is ArtStart Academy located?

At this time, ArtStart Academy is offered virtually through this website. Although this program was created for central West Virginia children, virtual sessions extend the opportunity for any child to register. Virtual sessions take place on Tuesday evenings, beginning August 4, 2020.

How much will ArtStart Academy cost?

ArtStart Academy is $185 a child per semester. Workshops will be limited to 10 children per session. There will be approximately 10 sessions per 'semester' (August - November 2020 and January - April 2021, etc.).

There is a one-time registration fee (per semester) of $15 per child for supplies and space reservation. 

WV State Sales Tax will be added to all costs. Prices subject to change.

What are the age ranges for workshops?

ArtStart Academy will offer separate workshops for children ages 5 - 8 and 9+. Parents are encouraged to sit alongside their children to create and learn along the way, too!



"For preschoolers (children, age 2 - 5), art is about the process of making the art, not the end's not about aiming for a pretty picture - or even a recognizable image."

Sesame Street's Ready for School (2019)

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